AutokonßtrukSchön  l  Group Show

Daniela Baldelli, Jennifer Bernstein, Sebastian Gräfe, Rodrigo Hernández, Valentina Jager, Armin Keller, Daniel Kötter / Alina Rojas & Javier Hinojosa, Katja Kollowa, Schirin Kretschmann, Markus Lichti, Paula Niño, Benedikt Terwiel
Curated by Abraham Cruzvillegas

March 9 - April 7, 2012

Where and when I grew up, it was in a very particular environment of authentic comradeship, in which the word ‘community’ was the key element for any activity, purpose and process.

My house was built in a long warm unfinished process, through collaboration, in which labor and joy was one and the same thing.

Houses in my community, or neighborhood, better said, were made with contradictory materials, in a totally messy accumulative progression. You can see the diversity of elements in every façade, in each corner, wall, room, roof, and floor. It’s an aesthetic promiscuity.

There you saw proof that everything can fit with any other thing, Together, there is no chance for conflict or mistake; after scarcity any object can be useful. So this is a system in which the capital is a combination of solidarity and junk recycling.

Working hours were always accompanied by strong discussions that became ideological, by talking about the fight for the property of the land, about getting the basic services, about abuse and corruption of the authorities, about dignity; but constructing was also accompanied by beer, loud music and earsplitting laughs.

It was very common, that after building every weekend we played in the street, as an extension of our homes, Then we hung out with our neighbors, we found love, friendship and some long relationships in the course of working and enjoying each other.

In my work it’s my will to expand sometimes my own experience to some friends, in one way or another. In my confusion of work, friendship, love, production and fun, I want to work with artists whom I met in diverse and even contradictory situations, to build together a wall, to construct our house, to make a home of it.

When asked by Eurídice Arratia to arrange an exhibition at her gallery in Berlin, I thought this should be a great opportunity to make this idea happen. So I have no ideas but affections, names, determination and desire for working together with old and new artists/comrades, related one way or another to Germany, Berlin, Mexico, and some other places, but mainly to friendship, and collaboration. Here their names:

Daniela Baldelli, Jennifer Bornstein, Sebastian Gräfe, Rodrigo Hernández, Valentina Jager, Armin Keller, Daniel Kötter/Alina Rojas & Javier Hinojosa, Katja Kollowa, Schirin Kretschmann, Markus Lichti, Paula Niño, Benedikt Terwiel.

As I’m not a curator, and I don’t want to become one, I asked to the possibility of imagining loosen elements for this building. There was almost no production budget for any piece (except for the ordinary gallery expenses), some works were already made, or made ex-profeso for this project by discussing ideas and exchanging information some months before the show took a definite form.

There was no rule or subject matter to propose work to make it together at the gallery, in the shape of an exhibition.

The show takes place in Arratia Beer gallery in Berlin, during March of 2012.



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