Maria Anwander  |  Game Over

September 17 - October 22, 2016

Arratia Beer is pleased to present Game Over, the second solo exhibition by Maria Anwander at the gallery.

Game Over. The expression, which signals to the player that the game/ level is lost, becomes a strategy for Maria Anwander. Like an avatar that puts itself out of action, Anwander resists the production of images by frequently banning them from the exhibition space. Instead of “finished” artworks the visitors often encounter raw materials, magazine scraps, and left overs from previous artworks. In Sculpture on Canvas, Anwander repurposes pulverized plaster from discarded sculptures into a couple of “abstract paintings”, suggesting the failure to transform the material into the desired form. While in Catalogue
, the torn pages that remain from the photographic documentation of the artist’s early work opens up the question if this is a manifesto of failure or a calculated intervention. 

“Game Over” doesn’t any longer just mean “the end.” It rather teases the players to start a new round (and to make everything “right” this time).  In this sense it becomes a conceptual trick by which Anwander leads the viewer into a permanent negotiation with the artistic practice. Either by meticulously scrapping and erasing the illustrations from Flash Art’s series of featured artist’s interviews or by Synopsis (a couple of neon strips accompanied by their length-specifications) Anwander invites the audience to get themselves into a new game.


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