My Lonely Days Are Gone  l  Group Show

Terry Haggerty, Michael Hakimi, Geka Heinke, Gerhard Mayer, Erick Meyenberg, Jan van der Ploeg, Haleh Redjaian, Tim Stapel, Ulrich Vogl, Andrea Winkler

September 17 - November 17, 2010

This group exhibition brings together ten contemporary artists who explore the potential of a given physical space to generate wall works that comment on the role of abstraction today.

Working with the ready-made architectural set-up of the gallery “My lonely days are gone” focuses on a number of approaches to painting and drawing as site-specific interventions. In rethinking the usual passive role of the wall as an area where to hang works, the artists have created works exclusively for each of the public walls as well as the floor of the gallery. “My lonely days are gone”proposes both an interactive dialogue among the pieces and a special awareness within the architectural context of the space.

From its inception abstraction has had many meanings. Its history, ramifications and impact on our visual culture are still essential to contemporary art and artists. In this exhibition an emphasis on nonfigurative works considers the efficacy and currency of the practice of abstraction, and its complex relation between its autonomy and interdependency with references in the world. The differences between abstraction and figurative art are today less defined, more fragmented, openly cross-contaminated.It is precisely this pliable language that informs the exhibition allowing representational, theoretical and abstract pictorial strategies to be juxtaposed in interconnected ways. In this age of fundamental changes, abstraction continues to represent alternative sources and realities that address the visual investigation and conceptual research of contemporary artists. An underlying temporality is part of the exhibition as all the works will be painted and destroyed after the exhibition ends.