Freehand  l  Group Show

D-L Alvarez, Simon Faithfull, David Hatcher, Marco Maggi

December 15, 2007 - February 9, 2008

Arratia Beer is pleased to present Freehand, a drawing exhibition featuring works by D-L Alvarez, Simon Faithfull, David Hatcher and Marco Maggi, curated by Mercedes Vicente, Contemporary Art Curator at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Zealand.

DL Alvarez’s examinations into the construction of individual and collective memory and its relationship to mass media and popular culture are central to Archer (2007) and the drawings from the series Casper (2006). In these works, the artist engages in an interplay between the photographic image and the handmade drawing, and the use of the grid as a structural and perceptual device that creates a self-reflective interface. Continuing his systematic and diarist modus operandi, Simon Faithfull’s Antarctica Dispatches (2004-2005) and 12 Postcards from Berlin (2006) are daily sketches, the former in Antarctica, the latter cycling around Berlin. These quick drawings executed in his palmpilot were sent by email and rendered laser-etched onto their respective media.In Slow Release (2007), David Hatcher transfers drawings by the fathers of Western philosophy onto perforated paper in a tongue-in-cheek reference to the LSD designs typical of 60s counterculture. This reduction of the diagrammatic is a psychedelic act of radical negation of Western knowledge in favor of blissful formal games. Marco Maggi’s floor paper installation Cuts (2007) looks like an aerial view of an alphabet growing in a white nursery. The grid of 49 paper reams of 500 A4 sheets acts as platform blocks to top sheets with tiny cuts that fold upwards building a sort of sculpture park of micro monuments in an empty city. Maggi’s perceptual examinations join a lineage of draftsmen dealing with issues of time, process art and intensive labor oriented practices.