Fan Dance l Patty Chang

25. March – 20. May, 2006


For the inauguration of its new space ARRATIA BEER is pleased to present New York based artist Patty Chang’s first solo exhibition in Berlin.

Patty Chang became widely known by her visually arresting and, at times disturbing performances and videos that frequently tested the limits of the artist’s own body. In her recent projects the artist has shifted the focus by gradually withdrawing her physical presence, while casting other people as protagonists of her performances. For this exhibition Chang will present Fan Dance, a live performance where the artist has enrolled other individuals to dance while being splattered in paint by an industrial fan until their bodies are transformed into a colorful canvas. The spectacle, a test of the performer’s endurance and a witty take on action painting is both violent and mesmerizing. A video of the performance along with an installation will be on view after the opening night. The music collage for Fan Dance has been composed by Isaac Bigsby Trogdon.


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