Katerina Šedá  l  NO GO

April 27 - June 9, 2012

The village of Nošovice is located in the Czech Republic 7 kilometres from the town of Frýdek-Místek and has a population of around 960. The village itself is not particularly picturesque: the houses line a simple road – but fields, mountains and forest spread out in the surrounding area. And in these beautiful fields an enormous Hyundai car manufacturing plant sprung up in recent years.

The indifference and inability of the locals to protest against the construction resulted in the social decline of the village after the development; many people moved away and many of those who stayed do not speak to each other to this day. The factory standing in the middle of a field definitively divided the village in two and the original connecting paths were transformed into blind alleys. A huge embankment was erected around the plant, which was intended to screen the industrial zone from view. If you want to visit a neighbour whom you could have reached a few years on foot in ten minutes, today you would have to set aside at least an hour for the trip. The locals thus found themselves in the CIRCLE – THE NEW PATTERN OF THE PLACE became their main obstacle.

I therefore decided in 2009 to try and find a way of connecting the inhabitants via the NEW PATTERN and thereby find a way out of the circle. I also wanted to react to the destructive indifference of the location in question and I therefore promised myself that I would start seeking possible solutions only after the Hyundai car factory on this site had closed its gates for good. In effect I would create a new factory of a sort, which, however, would have the task of suppressing this indifference.

The individual steps began in 2010 and each of them is given a title consisting of an alternative translation of the Czech idiom “NEDÁ SE SVÍTIT”.

0. Da ist kein Licht am Ende des Tunnels (2009)
1. No Light (2010)
2. It’s Too Late In The Day (2010 - 2011)
3. No Way (2011)
4. Hyundai: Open Day (2011)
5. That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles (2011)
6. Die Suppe ist gegessen (2011 – 2012)
7. Talk to the Sky ’Cause the Ground Ain’t Listening (2012)
8. You Win Some, You Lose Some (2012)
9. No Go (2012)

The last step, NO GO, is linked to a number of preceding events in which, in collaboration with the villagers of Nošovice, I attempted to create a new local costume, the main motif of which consists of a hole in the middle of the landscape. The skirt, shawl and collar are now complemented with an illustrated and embroidered RIBBON, on which is depicted the local landscape from a new perspective. In contrast to all of the preceding steps, the locals this time had the task of depicting the entire surroundings of the car plant in frontal view.

Katerina Šedá


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